All Over The World and Back Again

It is amazing how quickly the days go by while I have been abroad. You have a countdown to the weekend and to the place your going next, and then all the sudden it’s in the past already and you’re writing about it. If I haven’t already said it enough, I have had such an amazing time so far. Sometimes it’s so surreal, and I really can’t believe where I am. Although I miss home very much, it’s scary to think I only have 32 days left in this beautiful part of the world. I know my heart will always be here and with the breathtaking places I have seen. Anyways…as I said, I will be telling you all about my adventures in Florence with my Mom, Barcelona for Halloween weekend and Paris.


If you want to be treated like a queen and get spoiled for a week, take my mom and her friend Lena on vacation with you. Seriously, these two gave me such a great week and some much needed family time. Sadly, my mom was suppose to arrive on a Sunday but her flight got cancelled till the next day. They say everything happens for a reason right? So, as she arrived on Monday we got straight down to business. We walked around Via del Corso which for those who know my mother know that it is the Michigan Avenue of Rome, so of course we dedicated much of the day there. Mom spoiled us of course! After walking around and seeing everything like The Spanish Steps, I showed them around my neighborhood in Trastevere and we went to dinner.

The next day started our week adventure in Florence. Florence was amazing as usual. It was my second time there this semester and I definitely got a better look at the city which made me love it all that much more. My mom and Lena got up and ran every morning so they saw some beautiful things, while I of course slept in the most amazing hotel room I have ever been in (Thanks Lena!). They even ran, not walked, up the stairs to the top of the Duomo. (RT IF YOUR MOM IS BETTER AT LIFE THAN YOU). We were in Florence from Tuesday to Friday and while we were there we walked a bunch, ate some great meals, drank a lot (a lot) of wine, and discovered the most amazing biscottis we have ever tasted. So good that my mom purchased 90$ worth of them before we left. Yes, you read that right. 9-0. That’s a pair of shoes. But hey, do it for the biscottis right?

Mom on the balcony of hotel in Florence

It was a great week with my mom and my new favorite person, Lena. I will never forget the laughs and good times we had together. You too, Dee! It was great having them here, and I miss them already. Cause they’re not regular moms. They’re cool moms. Lol. K bye.


For Halloween weekend, we went to Barcelona, Spain. I’m so glad I spent my favorite weekend of the year there. We had so much fun! We met up with a lot of friends from home so we had a great crew the whole weekend which made it that much more awesome.

First off, I would like to tip my hat off to Barcelona for appreciating the concept of brunch. What more can I say? We ate good that weekend. I loved the food, but considering how much I missed Mexican food it was not that hard to impress me. The tapas were also amazing. Once again, I could have eaten McDonalds and thought it was fantastic. (I talk about food too much. My apologies)

Besides the eats, Barcelona was a blast. We walked around a bunch on Friday and just explored the streets. We went near the beach and just appreciated the sunshine for a while. After checking out some street vendors, we took a nap then took on Barcelona night life. This bar called Dow Jones, which I’m sure a lot of you have heard of, was really neat to experience considering everybody talks about it. The whole concept is a market and prices of drinks, beers, and shots go up and down every minute or so. So everyone waits and buys their drink of choice when it’s at its lowest price. Or, you could be like me and be too impatient and just buy it whenever.


The next day, we visited Park Guell. Park Guell is a park, as the name gives away, consisting of beautiful architecture and gardens that reflects Gaudí’s amazing mind. The park was so beautifully unconventional. The interesting shapes and colorful mosaic was something I had never seen. We also attended the park while the sun was going down, so the view was actually breathtaking. Cue Giana losing her phone and us chasing it down on Find My iPhone, all-in-all it was a great day.

My favorite part, Giana, Deirdre and I dressed up as dead triplets for Halloween. Dressing up was the best part of the night. We then went to Razzmatazz, a club, which was INSANE. The place is, like, 6 stories high with a different DJ in every part. We did a lot of dancing and had a lot of laughs. Definitely one of the funnest nights abroad.



First off, I’d like to send all my love and prayers to the victims of the heartbreaking events in Paris. When I found out while I was in Interlaken, my heart broke and mourned for the families and friends who not only witnessed this atrocity, but those who lost their lives. It’s hard to believe that such ugly things can happen in such a beautiful city.

And Paris is just that; beautiful. My sister and I took the weekend there and had so much fun. It’s the city of love, from the language to the people, we witnessed that. The first day we were there, we walked around and of course went to the mall. The mall was actually really pretty, too. It definitely was no Oakbrook. It was already decorated for Christmas so so the huge tree in the middle and the lights sprung from the ceiling made the shopping experience magical. We of course went to Chipotle, even though we don’t even like it. But when you go 2 months eating pizza and pasta, anything works.


On Saturday, we did all the touristy things. We visited Notre Dame, the Louvre, put a lock on the bridge, and my favorite, went to the top of the Eiffel Tower. That was a 3-hour journey, but a worth while one. After waiting in line in painful shoes, we finally began the trek of taking elevators and stairs up to the top. Once at the top, we had a beautiful view of Paris at night. It was a surreal experience to be on top of such a well known tourist attraction. Sunday, we went to the Andy Warhol Exhibit. His art is more in my league of interest, so being there and learning about his way of art was very interesting.