Saving The Best For Last

…And that is exactly what I did. Interlaken and London completely blew all and any expectations I had. Both destinations gave me unreal experiences and were a great way to book end a semester of unbelievable adventures. It’s hard to believe that those were the last weekend trips I would take, but they were, unfortunately.


To the baes of all baes, to the freshest place I’ve ever been (yes, fresh), I love you. Interlaken was my favorite place no doubt. Every time I say that, people don’t really understand why. But, I really did leave my heart in Interlaken.

First off, it is the prettiest place I have ever laid my eyes on. It wasn’t snowing yet, so Fall was at its finest. The leaves were all different shades of green, orange, yellow and red and the weather was chilly, but not too cold. The blue skies were a shade I’ve never seen before, and the air was so pure and FRESH, it was and insane feeling. I felt like every time I took a breath God was forgiving every sin I’ve ever committed and all my worries were washed away. It’s one of those places that give you a “pinch me” moment where you look and think how big and beautiful the world is. Imagine having, like, a thousand of those moments every time you walk outside.


Throughout the weekend, we walked around a lot, drank too much hot chocolate (who am I kidding, can there really be too much hot chocolate?) and did some cool things. Interlaken means “between the lakes”, so it literally is a city in between two lakes and beautiful mountains. We went and took pictures where they beautifully intertwined. This view was by far my favorite. When you looked out, it seemed like it never ended. It was endless water and mountains for days.


The next day, we did an adventurous ropes course. That was so much fun and also really difficult, much to my surprise. It was nice to do something active, considering I have been a lazy bum the past three months. We did obstacles up in the trees and also did a zip-lining course. We had some laughs and got some bruises, but it was a great morning. On Sunday, we went paragliding. Paragliding was UNREAL. Easily the coolest thing I’ve done in my life. I felt like I died and went to heaven. After running off a cliff high in the mountains and hoping the parachute would catch you, I drifted through the mountains for 10/15 minutes. In the video, I literally never stop smiling. I’ll have those views etched in my head forever, it was really unforgettable.

Ropes Course

Interlaken will forever be my favorite place. I’m convinced I’m having a winter wedding now just so I can go there for my honeymoon. Too far? No, not far enough, people.


For thanksgiving weekend, the gang and I headed to London, England. When I asked my friends to describe London, most of them said something along the lines of magical and enchanting. And London is just that. I felt like I was in Chicago, but at the same time, it is something entirely different. The British accents echo down the streets and the beautiful city architecture is something you can’t peel your eyes away from.

Big Ben

Of course Thursday night we made reservations to have Thanksgiving dinner. It wasn’t my momma’s, but it was so nice to be with my Roma family sharing an American thanksgiving dinner. We had a lot of fun, even though we were packed in the booth like sardines. That night we indeed did follow Robert Pattinson for about 10 minutes (10 minutes too long). Nothing else. Just followed him. Didn’t say hi. Didn’t ask for pictures. Pretty dumb but also pretty cool.


We saw almost everything London has to offer tourist wise-Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Bridge, the changing of the guards, Winter Wonderland, the London Eye, and everything in between. We also perfected navigating the Tube, which was a great accomplishment. It was a great weekend with my favorite people. We lived fabulously British!