Who am I?

I’m Alisa Lollino. Hello and welcome to my website. Whatever brought you here, I’m grateful that it did. I’m a 22 year old born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. I traveled to the land of cheese to the University of Wisconsin Madison to pursue my B.A. in Strategic Communications and Digital Studies (and yes a lot of cheese was indeed consumed). Digital marketing, advertising, PR and social media are my niches. I’m passionate about the career that I’m pursuing and eager to embark on life post-grad this May.

Let’s not talk all serious, now. I also love my two puppies, Khloe and Fiona, and consider myself a foodie. College has equipped me with the cooking skills to make anything from frozen pizzas to PB & Js. I have an identical twin sister, Giana, and yes she is my go-to girl and my confidant. I have a keen liking to Chelsea Handler and buy into pop culture a little too much. A few of my favorite things include a good outfit, good times with good friends, and a good cup of coffee.

We can talk serious now. I love what I do. I’m thankful that I have found a career path that genuinely intrigues me day in and day out. A good challenge does not scare me; I find my happy place when I’m able to create something extraordinary and meaningful out of something mundane. With the information overload we are bombarded with each and everyday, we have to create ideas that are standing out against that noise. So how do you stand out? How are you going to be original? How are you going to get people to respond? Striving to find the answers to these questions is my end game. My motive. My M.O.

This website is the place where I can showcase these ideas and the work I’ve completed throughout my schooling and internships.